About Me

Hi. My name is Husain.

I am a Muslim. I am a Malaysian.

I am an Entrepreneur. I am an Investor. I am a Designer.

I graduated in 2000 from Universiti Utara Malaysia, with a Bachelor’s Degree (Hons.) in Information Technology, with a major in Multimedia Design.

I started working in 2001 as an IT Officer at Universiti Teknologi MARA. In 2009, I got promoted to Senior IT Officer.
I quit in 2013, to focus on entrepreneurship and my businesses.


I am an Entrepreneur.

I have always been an entrepreneur. I had a computer business and a car rental business while I was studying in university. When I started working, I had part-time businesses selling health products and motor engine oil.

In 2011, I established an online business, selling precious metals. Bullion2u(dot)net. Catering to the increasing demand of investor-savvy Malaysians.

Now in 2015, I have a few other businesses that I am currently developing.

Among others.


I am an Investor.

I started investing in 2007. Mostly in properties and precious metals. But I am also open to other investment vehicles, as long as they are shariah-compliant, secure and profitable.


I am a Designer.

I have always been fascinated by graphic design, ever since I ever knew computers. I drool at beautiful and inspiring designs. I design as a hobby, but I also sometimes make some money of it.


Well then. So this is my blog. I write mostly on entrepreneurship, investing, graphic designs and Islam. I also consider myself a health centered individual, and advocate for natural medicine. It has always been my go to solution whenever I get sick, and I highly recommend it as an option. If you would like to know more you can find more information here: https://kratommasters.com/akuamma-dosage/

Happy reading…

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